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About Us

About Nubian Queen On 101

A Contemporary Genuine Leather Bag Brand

Nubian Queen brings you an Exclusive Contemporary Genuine Leather Bag Brand that bridges the gap between High Street and Luxury Brands.

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Nubian Queen on 101 is a niche, quality and exclusive online Boutique store, specialising in contemporary, Exclusive and  exquisite Genuine Leather Bags and accessories.

Our products, are made sustainably from, 100% leather and are uniquely created right here in Johannesburg, South Africa, by women that are breadwinners in their own right.

All our pieces are designed and created by Our Creative and Managing Director Susan Granger, all the materials are Sourced exclusively in South Africa and Africa .

Our bags are a representation of strength & confidence for women, that  contributes to Personal branding and image.

Our impact has been global. Nubian Queen on 101 has been invited to global shows in Paris and New York multiple times. This is evidence that our product is globally recognised and in demand. The African touch makes us true to our brand of being an African business that contributes meaningfully to local businesses through the value chain. We continue to inspire up and coming designers and manufacturers to stretch their talents as they also seek to grow their own businesses, and above all make our continent be proud of who we are as creatives

NubianQueen On 101 bridges the gap between high street and luxury brands as well as creating Classics that lasts for yeas to come. 

With our values Quality and Integrity, Nubian Queen On 101 vows and devotes to support Local and hopefully help grow the African Economy.

Our Values

The values of Nubian Queen on 101 are alike, subscribing to the following.







Our People first