Nubian Queen brings you an Exclusive Contemporary Genuine Leather Bag Brand that bridges the gap between High Street and Luxury Brands. Our brand designs are Stylish, Affordable and Timeless therefore  are not dictated by trends but  yet impactful and very easy to wear as an accessory hence we have declared our bags “Investment Bags”. At Nubian Queen On 101 we “DO NOT” follow trends, WE make them. If you are looking to invest in a Bag that is Impactful as it is Versatile, then you are at “THE” Place. This selection of carefully crafted products are designed and created by founder and Managing Director of Nubian Queen on 101, Susan Granger.

The Nubian symbol N depicts humankind’s connection to the soil and the richness of the natural. The natural itself is evident of quality as it is untainted, unspoiled, and pure. So the values of Nubian Queen on 101 are alike, subscribing to:

Quality | Excellence | Customer-centric | Value | Innovative | Creative | Our People first | Integrity


Susan’s drive for this business has been inspired by her own lavish taste for the accomplished art and style, and the compelling desire to bring quality bags to everyone despite their class in society.